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Application for Drone Insurance Coverage

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General Information
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Contact Name:  
Date Established:  
State:     Zip:
Phone:     Fax:
Branch Office:
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Federal Employers ID# (FEIN):  

Required Underwriting Risk Characteristics for Eligibility:
  1. Maximum flight speed of 60 miles per hour
  2. UAV less than 55 pounds
  3. Operated below 400 feet above ground level
  4. Operated in daylight conditions and only with sight of operator
  5. Location of use is at least 5 nautical miles from nearest airport
  6. Operated within the U.S. and its territories
Any use other than surveying?:  Yes  No   If "Yes" please specify below:  

Underwriting Questions
1.  UAV Information
Make Model Size Weight Manufacturer # in use for this make/model/ manufacturer
2.  Average flying altitude to include maximum altitude?
3.  Area of operation? (City, Town, County, State)
4.  List any airport(s) within 5 miles of operational area:
5.  Does insured want liability only or both liability and hull coverage?
Liability Only  Liability and Hull Coverages
6.  Describe where the UAV's are kept during non-operational use?
7.  Annual hours expected for use?
8.  Please provide pilot record (any pilot ratings and years of experience and where did pilot receive UAV or UAS flight training?)
9.  Is UAV fixed wing, rotor wing, or quad rotor?
Fixed Wing  Rotor Wing  Quad Rotor
Is the UAV Hand launched or self-take off?
Hand Launched  Self-take off
 10.  Value of UAV?:
 11.  Does UAV come equipped with auto point of take-off return in the event of low battery or lost transmit reception?
Yes  No
 12.  Are UAV's ever flown in IFR conditions or at night?
 IFR conditions: Yes  No             At night: Yes  No  
 13.  Was UAV donated, sold, or loaned by Federal Government?
Yes  No
 14.  Total weight of UAV?:
 15.  Has the applicant ever had a UAV related loss in past 5 years?
Yes  No
If so, when and please describe the loss in detail:
 16.  Do you need base or additional equipment coverage for the UAV?
Yes  No

Additional Comments
Please give any additional comments you feel appropriate for this quotation. If you have
additional information where there was not enough fields above, please enter them here.

Submission Info
  (1)   The applicant has read the foregoing and understands that completion of this Application does not bind the Underwriter or the Broker to provide coverage. It is agreed, however, that this Application is complete and correct to the best of applicant's knowledge and belief and that all particulars which may have a bearing upon acceptability as a Professional Liability insurance risk have been revealed. It is understood that this Application shall form the basis of the contract should the Underwriter approve coverage and should the applicant be satisfied with the Underwriters quotation.
Please check box if you agree with the above Statement #1
  (2)   It is further agreed that, if in the time between submission of this Application and the requested date for coverage to be effective, the applicant becomes aware of any information which would change the answers furnished in response to the "Claims / Liability Issues" section of this Application, such information shall be revealed immediately in writing to the Underwriter.
Please check box if you agree with the above Statement #2
Electronic Signature
  (3)   I am authorized and agree to use electronic signatures to sign this application. By checking the box below, I agree to transact business using electronic communications, electronic records, and electronic signature rather than paper documents.
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I acknowledge that the information I am providing in this submission is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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