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Personal Information
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Current Condominium Insurance Information
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Policy Type: Primary Seasonal Rental
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Number of losses incurred in the last 5 years to the insured's 
condo/home or personal possessions at this or another location: 
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Condominium Usage
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Condo Information
Condo is: Owner Occupied
Rented to others
Seasonal Property
Living Area Sq Ft:
Number of units in your building:     Year Built:
Circuit Breakers?: Yes   No    
Does your home have at least one fire
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Do all exterior doors have deadbolt
type locks?:
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Desired Coverages
Comprehensive Personal Liability:
Value of your Contents:
Dwelling Coverage:
Loss Assessment:
Sewer & Drain Backup:
Yes   No
Yes   No
Jewelry Coverage:
Ordinance & Law Coverage:
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If "Yes", Total Value: $
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Structure Information
Age of roof: yrs.

Deck/Porch/Patio Sq. Feet
# of Full:  
# of Half:  
Screened Patio:  
# of Chimneys:  
# of Fireplaces:  

Additional Features
Heating System
Age of Heating
Age of Electrical
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Security Alarm
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Smoke Detector

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