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Other Information
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Sources of Disability Income Insurance
Group Short Term Disability (GSTD)
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% $
Does GSTD include Bonus/other Incentive Compensation? Who is Premium Paid by:
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Group Long Term Disability (GLTD)
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Employer's policy regarding continued employment in the event
of a long term disability, if other than separation of services?

Other Individually Owned Disability Income Insurance Policy(ies)
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  Policy #:   Carrier:
  Policy #:   Carrier:

Assets / Expenses
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Investments Value
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Other Tax Deferred
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Insurance Policies Cash Value: $ Disability Income Ins. Premiums: $
Total Savings/Retirement Assets: $ Health Insurance Premiums: $
Food: $
Primary Residence (Net Value): $ Utilities: $
Other Real Estate (Net Value): $ Education: $
Total Net Value Real Estate: $ Child Care/Elder Care: $
Credit Cards: $
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Other Assets: $ Other Monthly Expenses: $
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