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Professional Protector Plan for Dentists
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Professional Liability Coverage
For the most accurate proposal please provide copies of insurance policy cover pages
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Your Practice
Do you treat patients under: Conscious Sedation   Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia
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Insurance Background
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Professional Protector Plan® Complete Practice Protection

Practice Income Interruption
Among the many things the plan does, its valued practice income protection pays you the daily income you select, for the number of days you select, with no requirement that you document your losses or that you reschedule patients.

Two hundred dollars a day is the minimum. How much money would you need to receive for each day you can't practice?

Thirty-two and a half days is the minimum time. How many days would you need coverage for?

Blanket Practice Property Protection
Imagine that tomorrow you had to replace everything: operations, tools, office equipment, x-rays, patient charts, records, furniture, decor, the personal property in the office; your accounts receivable that became uncollectible.

How much money would you need?

When does your current coverage expire?

Practice Contents and/or Building Coverage
What is your building's construction type?  

Do you own or rent?   Own   Rent

If you own, building value:   $

NYS Disability Benefits / Workers Compensation
# Employees:   Male Female         Payroll: $

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