Probate Bond Application
for New York
Applying for a bond is like applying for credit, therefore,
please make sure this information is complete and legible.
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Estate Information

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Current health status of the ward 
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  Are guardian funds to be used for the support
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If yes, provide copies of monthly expenditures and income
Name of Decedent  
Date of Death  
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Estate Assets

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Annual Income (interest, rents, SSI, etc.)   Applicant’s share In the Estate   Bank where funds will be deposited  
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If the answer is YES to any of the following questions, please provide a full explanation.  
Is bond required on the demand of an interested party?      Yes  NO    
If Yes:    
Are there any disputes among the heirs?      Yes  NO    
If Yes:    
Does this bond replace that of another bonding company?      Yes  NO    
If Yes:    
Does Applicant replace a prior Fiduciary?      Yes  NO    
If Yes:    
Does estate contain a going business?      Yes  NO    
If Yes:    
Is Applicant indebted to the estate?      Yes  NO    
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Do you understand that the bond is active and premium is due each year until a Final Discharge is approved
at Court and a conformed copy is furnished to our office? 
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Do you understand that the first year’s premium is fully earned and not refundable?      Yes  NO    
Do you understand that increases or reductions in bond amount must be court approved?      Yes  NO    
Do you understand that the premium is to be paid promptly when due until the bond is released?      Yes  NO    


Agency Contact Agency Recommendation

Agency:    We are not familiar with the applicant  
Contact:    Applicant has been referred to us for bond placement  
Address:    The agency writes all Applicant’s insurance and highly recommend  
  We have experience with the lawyer’s work and recommend  


Consumer Notification:
As part of the application and underwriting process: This is to inform you that a consumer report or an investigative consumer report may be obtained by the bonding company from a Consumer Reporting Agency for the purposes of reviewing and determining your eligibility for a surety bond. This report may contain information bearing on your credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living from public record sources or through personal interviews with your neighbors, friends or associates. As agents of the bonding company we do not see this information nor do we as agents make any decisions based on the information. All underwriting decisions rest with the bonding company underwriter. A copy of the credit information may be obtained directly from the Consumer Reporting Agency which complied and released the information to the bonding company.

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Fraud Warning:
Any person completing or filing an application to a surety, insurance company or their agents, for the purpose of obtaining bonding or insurance, knowingly, with the intent to defraud, mislead or induce, make materially false, incomplete or misleading information, or conceal information concerning any material fact, commits a fraudulent act which if convicted is a crime punishable by incarceration and subject to civil penalties as governed by the jurisdiction and applicable State and Federal statutes.

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