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    Thank you for visiting TSLA, a non-profit, trade association of excess and surplus lines brokerage and underwriting professionals. If you would like more information about our association and membership benefits, please contact us at your convenience:
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    TSLA 2024 Membership Roster and Product Guide

    Voting and Provisional Members Listing Info


    Coverage Listings

    Use this online form to add your listing(s) to the 2024 TSLA Product Guide. The deadline to submit your information for inclusion in the directory is Monday, March 18, 2024.

    You may have 5 FREE Coverage Listings (Voting/Provisional members only)

    • Advertisers receive more FREE coverage listings (see advertising section below for more information.)
    • Extra Coverage Listings: $10.00 each
    • You may pay online by Credit Card via this Secure form

    Advertisers - Added Bonus!*

    • More FREE coverage listings
    • Free Banner Ad on the TSLA website
      (Banner ad is created by TSLA using content from ad you submit at no additional cost)

    *see advertising section below for more information

    Early Submission / Payment Discount

    • Get a 10% Discount if camera ready artwork, listing form and payment received by 03/11/24

    Please complete the sections below:

    General Information
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    Advertising Information
    If you wish to place an ad in the Product Guide, use this section
    to select your ad size and number of additional Free Listings.
                            Click here if you want to use the same Ad you used in our 2023 directory.
                                  (You must STILL select an ad size below in order to calculate costs.)
    Select your Ad Size below:

    Full Page -- 8 1/2 x 11
    -- 25 Free Listings*

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    Half Page -- 8 1/2 x 5 1/2
    -- 20 Free Listings*

    -- Free Banner Ad 
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    Half Page -- 4 3/4 x 7 1/2
    -- 20 Free Listings*

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    1/4 Page -- 4 3/4 x 3 3/4
    -- 15 Free Listings*

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    1/4 Page -- 2 1/4 x 7 1/2
    -- 15 Free Listings*

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    *The number of FREE listings include the five that are given to each member.

    Select here if you want your Ad in Color:
    in-COLOR Make your ad stand out in the crowd by adding some COLOR!
    -- Color for full page ad is an additional fee of $750
    -- Color for half page ad is an additional fee of $595
    -- Color for 1/4 page ad is an additional fee of $390
      Check here if using a color ad.  
    Mechanical Requirements
  • PDF's: *High Resolution (300 dpi) with fonts embedded

  • TIF's: *High Resolution (300 dpi) to size

  • Trim Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

  • Full Page Bleed: 8 3/4" x 11 1/4"

  • Submitted Artwork: Must be complete with bleeds & crop marks and all text must be at least 3/8" distance from the trim line. For artwork to bleed, please add 1/8 on all sides.
  • Camera Ready Art*: Material given to the printer that needs no further work before being passed on to the printing department. Any changes that need to be made to ads being repeated will be charged additionally a flat $65 fee to be billed later by TSLA.
    TSLA Logo
    If you would like the TSLA logo to use in your ads, please contact Jean Patterson.

    Contact Jean for TSLA Logo: jptsla@tsla.org.
    New Ads
    If the ad you will be using this year is new, please email to Jean Patterson:

    New ads should be emailed to jptsla@tsla.org.
    If your ad (attachment) is rejected for being too big, please email to the address below:

    Large (ad) attachments should be emailed to: tsla@getenhanced.com.


    Coverage Listings
    For Voting/Provisional members only
    Please select up to 5 free listings below, and any
    additional coverages you wish to list for only $10.00 each:
    Click here if you want to use the same Coverages you used in our 2023 directory.
    If you checked the box above:

  • DO NOT select these same coverages (from last year) in the form below. We will review your selections from last year's directory ourselves. Only select any additional ones that you would like to add.

  • NOTE that we have added Cyber since last year, so you need to also select below if you want for the 2024 Directory.

  • Please type in the number of coverages you used last year:
    (If you do not know the exact number, you cannot use the checkbox above as we cannot calculate exact costs (if any).
  • Select your Coverages below:
     Active Shooter

         Auto, Commercial
     Auto Liability
     Contingent Auto Leasing
     Daily Auto Rental
     Dump, Sand & Gravel Trucks
     Excess Auto
     Garbage Trucks
     Gasoline/Diesel Fuel Haulers
     Hazardous Materials Hauling
     Hired & Non-Owned Liability
     Physical Damage
     Repossessed Vehicles
     Tow Trucks (Including Repo)

         Auto, Public
     Social Service

         Auto, Truckers
     Bob Tail or Dead Head
     Motor Truck Cargo
     Physical Damage
     Trucks, Intermediate Haul
     Trucks, Long Haul
     Trucks, Short Haul

     General Aviation - Property/Liability
     Products Liability
     Service Providers

     License and Permit


     Crane & Rigging
     Project Specific
     Residential Contractors
     Roofing Contractors- Residential/Commercial
     Utility Contractors


         Directors & Officers Liability
     Financial Institutions
     For Profit Entities
     Initial Public Offerings
     Not for Profit Organizations

     Employment Related Practices

     Film Negative
     Film & TV Producers Indemnity

     Asbestos Abatement
     Contractors Pollution Liability
     Environmental Consultant
     Environmental Impairment Liability
     Hazardous Waste Storage and Disposal Facilities
     Lead Abatement
     Underground Storage Tanks

     Equestrian Risks

         Excess/Umbrella Liability
     Excess Liability
     Excess Malpractice/Professional

     Farms - Commercial Risks

     Foreign Coverages

     Dealers, New
     Dealers, Used
     Garagekeepers Legal Liability/Dealers Open Lot
     Motorcycle Dealers
     Motorhome/RV Dealers
     Non-Dealers/Repair Shop
     Valet Parking

         Inland Marine
     Air Cargo
     Arts & Antiques
     Builder's Risk/Installation Floater
     Electronic Data Policy
     Equipment Dealers
     Equipment Floaters
     Fine Arts Floater
     Jeweler's Block
     Logging Equipment
     Miscellaneous Property Floaters
     Motor Truck Cargo

     Liquor Liability

         Marine, Wet
     Boat Dealer/Repair
     Hull and P&I, Commercial
     Marina Operators
     Passenger Vessels
     Wharfingers/Shiprepairers/Stevedores, etc.

     Assisted Living Centers
     Excess Liability
     Medical Laboratory
     Miscellaneous Healthcare Professionals
     Nursing/Convalescent Homes
     Out Patient Clinics

     Ocean Cargo

         Oil & Gas
     Alternative Energy
     Control of Well/OEE
     Drilling Contractors
     Energy Consultants
     Lease Operators/Non-Operators
     Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealers
     Offshore Contractors & Service Risks
     Oil Field Property
     Pipeline Liability
     Refinery/Petrochemical Risks
     Rig Physical Damage
     Salt Water Disposal Wells
     Service Contractors

         Personal Lines
     Antique, Classic, High Value Autos
     Auto Liability/Physical Damage
     Contents Only
     Dwelling Fire
     Excess Personal Auto Liability
     High Value Homeowners
     Homeowners (A,B,C)
     Jet Ski
     Mobile/Manufactured Homes
     Personal Articles Floater
     Umbrella/Excess Liability

         Products Liability
     Medical Products
     Other Product Liability
     Products Recall

         Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions (non-medical)
     Architects & Engineers
     Consultants, Miscellaneous
     Insurance Agents/Brokers/MGA
     Miscellaneous Classes
     Mortician/Funeral Director
     Property Managers E&O

         Property, Commercial
     Bed & Breakfast/Lodging
     Difference In Conditions
     Forced Placed/Foreclosure
     Mobile Home Park
     Property Management Companies
     Real Estate Development

         Public Entities
     Law Enforcement Officers
     Municipalities, Liability
     Public Officials Liability
     School Board Legal Liability
     School/Municipal Property Schedules
     Utility Districts Liability

         Railroad Risks
     Railroad Protective

     Adult Day Care
     Day Care Center/Nurseries
     Detective/ Patrol/ Security
     Health Club/Tanning Salon

         Special Events
     Event Cancellation
     Event Liability
     Prize Indemnity
     Rebate Insurance
     Weather / Rain coverage

         Sports and Recreation
     Amusement Parks
     Athletic Teams/Leagues
     Driving Ranges/Golf Course
     Dude Ranches
     Hunting Clubs/Leases
     Outfitters & Guides

     Computer Consultants/EDP Errors & Omissions
     Data Privacy & Network Security
     High Technology Projects
     High Tech Inland Marine
     Products Liability
     Software Design/Development
     Website/Internet Development

         Worker's Compensation & Related
     Defense Base Act
     Excess Employers Indemnity
     Excess Maritime Employers Liability
     Excess Worker's Compensation
     Maritime Employers Liability
     Non-Subscriber Policies
     Occupational Accident
     United States Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Compensation (USL&H)
     Worker's Compensation


    Fees / Costs
      # of Listings from
      Last Year:
      # of Listings You
      # of Free Listings:  
    Check here for 10% Discount if camera ready
    artwork, listing form and payment received
    by 03/11/24
      # of Additional Coverages:  
      (x) $10.00 ea. = $
      Advertisement: $
      Color Ad Fee: $
      Discount: $
      Total Amount Due: $

     Please Note: Some browsers may not automatically 
     update all calculations, so please click on the "Verify 
     Calculation" button below once all listings and/or 
     advertising options have been selected. 

    If "Total Amount Due" is $0, you may skip the Payment section below...


    Payment Information
    Amount Due:  $
    Payment Method:   Invoice (remit check)  eCheck (ACH/eCheck)  Credit Card
      Ad/Listings are comp (payment not required)


    Additional Comments
    Please enter any additional comments in regards to this online submission.

    By pressing Submit below, you are agreeing to have TSLA bill the above listed credit card for listings and/or advertising fees for the 2024 Membership Roster and Product Guide. Please review your information for accuracy before submitting this form. TSLA is not responsible for any incorrect information entered into this form.

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